Enjoy access to hands-on STEAM learning in your home or classroom!

Discovery Center of Idaho is proud to offer our lending library of learning kits from the National Informal STEM Education Network (N.I.S.E.), CELL-MET and some of our own creations & collections for educators and caregivers to use to promote hands-on STEAM learning at home or in the classroom for *FREE! Prior to making a request, please review our offerings.

(*Fully refundable $25 deposit is required)

For any questions, please email education@dcidaho.org.

How does it work?

  1. View our offerings and choose up to 3 hands-on activity / demonstration kits at a time
  2. Fill out the request form
  3. Pick up your kit at the Discovery Center, on your chosen date (during business hours)
  4. Drop off your kit(s), with all the pieces intact after 3 weeks

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