Inspiring Future Innovators

Today, the Discovery Center serves more than 85,000 visitors annually with immersive, hands-on exhibits, educational programming, camps, classes and special events. To better meet the needs of our growing and diverse community now and for the next 30 years, the reimagined Discovery Center of Idaho will offer state-of-the-art exhibitions currently unavailable to us, along with expanded educational outreach programming for students, educators and the general public.

Our vision highlights our commitment to inclusive education and innovation in STEM and the arts. When complete, our building and campus will be poised to welcome 115,000 visitors each year.

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Interior design for renovated Discovery Center of Idaho. Pictured: Gallery space with STEM exhibits and people interacting with them.


Twice the number of students will have access to subsidized STEM field trips, 70% of whom would not otherwise have access to a science center.


An expanded Young Learners Gallery will accommodate our future innovators with updated and expanded STEM learning activities.

The Reimagined Discovery Center Will...

  • Be Accessible & Inclusive


    • Fully accessible interior/exterior spaces
    • Bilingual and Braille signage throughout
    • Improved lighting and acoustics
    • Expanded virtual and livestream capabilites
    • Install individual and family restrooms
  • Serve More People in More Ways


    • Increase overall footprint and efficiency of the Center
    • Add new outdoor spaces for year-round learning
    • Add new core Gallery space
    • Expand the Young Learners Gallery
  • Use Sustainable Infrastructure


    • Add climate-control systems to host a wider range of world-class exhibitions
    • Energy and utility upgrades
    • Sustainable landscaping
    • Parking reconstruction
    • Solar panels and geothermal heat

Discovery Reimagined