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The Discovery Center of Idaho is thrilled to announce the arrival of a world-class traveling exhibition, Mummies of the World: The Exhibition, opening on Saturday, April 27th, 2024. Featuring one of the largest collections of real mummies and related artifacts ever assembled, Mummies of the World presents a one-of-a-kind collection of naturally and intentionally preserved human and animal mummies. This compelling exhibition, presented with reverence and dignity, includes ancient mummies from South America, Europe and ancient Egypt, some dating back thousands of years.

Mummies of the World: The Exhibition opens on April 27th, 2024 at the Discovery Center of Idaho and will run until Fall 2024.

The Experience

Visitors will embark on a journey into the extraordinary world of mummies and the mummification process. Through modern science, engaging interactives and multimedia exhibits, this exhibition reveals how the scientific study of mummies provides a window into the lives of ancient people from every region of the world, offering unprecedented insights into past cultures and civilizations. 

Mummies of the World  will captivate visitors in two of our four galleries, while our remaining galleries continue to buzz with our highly popular hands-on exhibits, featuring all-time favorites like BRICKS!, Classics Collection, TINKER THE T-REX, Young Learners and more! Prepare to step into a world where STEM and the arts seamlessly intertwine at the Discovery Center of Idaho.

Please note: Exhibition content may vary by market and/or venue.

  • For visitors ages 8+
  • BRICKS!, Sun, Earth, Universe, Young Learners, Classics Collection and TINKER THE T-REX are included with general admission. Learn more.
  • Audio tour available, personal headphones required.
  • No food, drink or flash photography allowed in Mummies of the World galleries.
Image of sarcophagus from Mummies of the World: Exhibition featured at the Discovery Center of Idaho.

A Word From Our Education Director

“Forget everything you thought you knew about mummies! We are thrilled to host the Mummies of the World: The Exhibition this spring and throughout the summer. Researchers from fields including archaeology, biology, chemistry, engineering and anthropology among many others have carefully worked together to collect and interpret valuable details about the lives (and deaths) of animals and humans. These incredible artifacts have defied decomposition for thousands of years and continue to stand the test of time. Learning about these purposeful and accidental preservation techniques, as well as delving into these mummies’ stories, gives us a unique opportunity to explore the past and shape the future!

Erin Seymour, Education Director

Explore the extraordinary world of mummies...

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